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Our Client Commitment

Two Partners Advising Every Client

"Clients have direct access to my partners and to me (as Chief Investment Officer). Just as importantly, I am deeply involved in every investment decision we make on behalf of our clients.” — Richard Saperstein

Independent Thinking

By holding ourselves to the fiduciary standard, we commit to always acting in our clients’ best interest. Our advice is objective and unconflicted. This is a core principal driving every one of our client relationships.

Customized Solutions

No two investors are alike, and we believe their portfolios should reflect that. All of our recommendations are tailored to each client’s goals, financial profile and approach to risk.

High-Touch Service

Our team of 27 professionals is accountable directly to you, and stands ready to help you navigate the increasingly complex investment landscape.

Wealth Managed to a

Fiduciary Standard

We are committed to a fiduciary relationship with each and every client, meaning we have a legal obligation to act solely in your interests. The fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care, highlighted by good faith, loyalty and trust.

Client Assets

We maintain a strategic
relationship with
HighTower Advisors.

HighTower provides us with back office support in such areas as accounting, human resources, legal, and compliance.

Hightower Story Board with

Richard Saperstein

The majority of our relationships are the result of referrals from our clients or their other professional advisors.

We consider these endorsements one of the most defining characteristics of our practice.

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