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Cash Management Solutions Across

The Liquidity Spectrum


Your Objectives. Our Priorities

Safety. Liquidity. Yield.

Portfolios are customized based on your unique investment policy, liquidity needs and return objectives.

Safety overrides all investment decisions.

Federally Insured Cash Accounts

Flexibility. Diversification. Next Business Day liquidity.

FICA enables companies to invest up to $100mm under the FDIC Insurance limits.

The entire balance is liquid next business day.

Recognizing that your Treasury and Finance team is very lean (1 person), we’ll guide you through the process of establishing proper controls and safely investing the cash so it’s available when you need it. Treasury Partners assists with investment policy formation, creating a liquidity planner, and guidance on accounting considerations.

Let’s keep it simple and safe so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Money Market Portal

Looking To Manage Your Own Liquidity?

Our Money Market Portal clients include municipalities, institutions, and corporations seeking to efficiently invest overnight funds.

Clients have online access to over 100 domestic and offshore institutional funds denominated in various currencies.


Our Clients have online access to Clearwater Analytics’ extensive array of data, which feature FASB 115 accounting, investment policy compliance, performance measurement, and portfolio analytics reports.

Above all else, we are dedicated to fulfilling our fiduciary responsibilities as stewards of the cash our clients entrust to us.

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